[AT] OT WoodPro wood chipper clutch

Steve W. swilliams268 at frontier.com
Sat Apr 24 00:05:48 PDT 2021

Richard Walker wrote:
> You probably nailed it, Steve O, thanks!
> Measured the water displacement of one existing shoe.  Then measured 
> weight of that one shoe (Zamak?) as 12 ounces.  Calculated weight of a 
> shoe if aluminum would be 4.2 ounces. So everything jives within the 
> ballpark range of relative densities for Zamak and aluminum. 
> I'm doing more web research into use of Zamac for centrifugal clutch 
> shoes.  Seems to be used a lot.  But most employ a thin bonded friction 
> facing.  A disc could probably be cast from a 4-pound Zamak billet 
> ($13), then machined on a lathe like Steve W. suggested, then cut into 
> four pieces to replicate the shoes I need.
> Two wild cards remaining are whether there was a friction facing 
> originally installed on the shoes that got burned away; and if the 
> bearings got ruined because of the high heat.  I plan to pull the clutch 
> this weekend to check.
> And thanks for the links to new clutches, Thomas.  Trying to avoid this 
> route because of high cost, but might be a last resort.
> - Richard

Got to wondering about it last night and wondered if it could be a pot 
metal alloy like Zamak or similar. Aluminum with zinc and copper, or 
similar stuff. I would doubt it had a friction surface, modern clutches 
do but most of the older stuff was metal on metal.

Steve W.

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