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 I did a quick search on “WoodPro 30 Q 185 E clutch “and got several hits for wood chipper clutch suppliers. I would try contacting one of them and seeing what they have to say. I didn’t search their sites to see if they had a direct replacement. You may be able to get a part from them instead of replacing the whole clutch.


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Was wondering if anyone could ID the maker of this centrifugal clutch.  
One of its four aluminum shoes disintegrated. Used on a thirty year old 
WoodPro 30 Q 185E chipper with an 18 HP Vanguard engine. The chipper's 
manufacturer, Vandermolen, is apparently out of business, as their web 
site is inactive and e-mails to them bounce.

I assume Vandermolen employed an off-the-shelf clutch from a clutch 
manufacturer.  Unfortunately I can spot no markings or maker's name on 
the unit.  Hopefully its shoe style and internal layout will look 
familiar to someone on the list.


Richard Walker

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