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Well…that takes a certain vision to take on that project. You’ll have to keep us updated on how you get that 730 out of there as well!


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Month or so back I found another buy 2 for price of 1 deal – this time a JD 60 and a JD 730. Today I got the 60 loaded and pulled it to my toy shed with my EcoDiesel. Loading was a bit of a challenge, especially when rear wheel broke loose when starting up ramp. Other challenge was it was locked up and nothing rotated so it skidded up ramps. Need to re-adjust wheel spacing before I move it any distance, so it will fit between fender wells of my trailer.
It will need to wait some time before I start working on it. It needs rims, tires,  plus intake manifold and a lot of TLC. Need to finish overhaul on the AC B before I tear another down.


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