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I just googled a few pictures.  It looks like the Case N is a conventional 
old pull behind but the H is a wheel disk.  It should be pretty easy to tell 
them apart!  My knowledge of Case disks is limited to one small offset wheel 
disk my dad had.  It was smaller than the series H models.  It was green and 
orange.  The green was fairly dark, the orange was typical Case orange, 
which Case called Flambeau Red.  As I recall, the main frame and tractor 
hitch were green while the parts related to the wheel mounts, lifting arms, 
depth control etc. were all orange.

Jim Becker

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I will venture to ask about this implement even though it's not a tractor 
because I know how knowledgeable you are in closely related areas.

Some years back, I acquired a beat-up, old pull-type disk.  I made mention 
of using it last fall, I think.  Anyway, I had never investigated its 
identity too closely until a week or so ago when my son and I were standing 
by it burning some trash.  I'd post a pic, but I cannot seem to get one 
small enough to meet the 1 meg limit.

It is mostly covered in peeling silver paint--maybe that aluminum roofing 
stuff, but I am not sure.  Under that silver is a coat of green.  There are 
hints that maybe a coat of red lies under the green, but that red could be 

Anyway, while we were looking for hints of paint, my son realized that there 
is an eagle-on-a-globe on the clutch box casting--Ah, ha!  That means Case! 
A little looking around on the web suggests that it is either a Model N or a 
Model R.  I have owners and parts books on the way for both so that we can 
be sure.  The manuals are all dated '51 or so, so I guess that is within or 
near the end of the period it was offered.  I cannot imagine this fairly 
basic and primitive implement being offered much later than that date--just 
from looking at it, I would have guessed '30s or '40s.

Anyway, I haven't had any success turning up any info other than the manuals 
(and them on eBay).  Does anyone on the list have any experience with Case 
implements of that period?  I know my way around JD pretty well, but Case is 
a different world, and I am not even sure where to ask.

Would a Case implement have been painted green at any point?  I would have 
thought red--whadda they call it:  Flambeau Red??--but I see only hints of 
possible red while there is clearly a coat of green under the silver.

The clutch is jammed or something--I hope I can figure that out when I get 
the manuals, but I may be asking questions on that here (surely those 
clutches are pretty much like the ones on plows??).

Anywho, the list is pretty quiet, so I thought I throw out these questions 
to see if anyone knows anything about old Case disks.

Hope all are well and that the opening of Spring is finding everyone ready!

The "original" Steve Allen
Now also a Case owner (but the JDs all seem willing to play nice.)
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