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Mike M meulenms at gmx.com
Mon Apr 26 13:59:34 PDT 2021

Same here in Michigan, it usually gets into a bidding war. I feel for my
daughter who is looking to buy her first home :(

Mike M

On 4/26/2021 4:27 PM, Mitchell Daly wrote:
> Mike,
> The house situation here in Maryland is the same. Not only that, but
> they are offering substantially over the listing price to get the deal.
> Mitch Daly
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> This will also drive up the cost of existing homes. Around here, at
> least homes are only the market for a few days, if that.
> Mike M
> On 4/26/2021 4:07 PM, szabelski at wildblue.net wrote:
> > You’ll probably find the same issue with composite decking as you
> will with wood. We did our deck last year, ordered in April, delivered
> in August.
> >
> > The Trex plants were shut down just like everybody else. Talking to
> the main distributor for Trex in Michigan, they said that Trex, at
> that time, was only allowing them to make deliveries on 12 orders a
> month in order to keep production quantities in line with the orders.
> Don’t know if that still is an issue today.  One good thing is that
> since we were ordering such a large quantity of decking, fascia, and
> railings, we got a 13% discount on our order because of an ongoing
> program.
> >
> > Carl
> >
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> > Cevil, Nothing seems to go down in price other than gasoline that
> fluctuates widely at times.  I understand why you would build with
> steel vs stick wood. I've been trying to get a relatively large deck
> built on to the house the last year or so.  Didn't work out last
> summer going to try again this year. Wood has increased in price so
> much that composite looks very attractive now. Used composite on my
> deck in AZ and am very pleased with how it has stood up to the intense
> sun and heat there. Here in WA the enemy is rain and almost constant
> dampness. The exact opposite.  Have to use a different composite here
> due to the unique weather.  Will start getting bids again soon.  I
> suspect the bids will increase substantially.Sent from my Galaxy
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> at at lists.antique-tractor.com Subject: Re: [AT] Lumber prices It will
> be at least 4 years before prices come down if any. Prices go up and
> almost never come down.  Especially steel.  If I build anything here
> in tornado land it will be steel.  I plan to move from here in a few
> years and build my last home.  It will be steel.  Wood structures get
> blown apart with the storms tornadoes and relentless wind in this
> country.  Last 2 days it has been 25-30mph sustained winds gusting to
> 40.CecilOn 4/26/2021 8:27 AM, szabelski at wildblue.net wrote:> Wife and
> I have decided to put off building a pole barn this year. We’re going
> to wait until next year, unless everything gets caught up with demand
> this year and prices come back down.>> Carl>>> ----- Original Message
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