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A good place to look for paint traces is when you remove nuts and bolts.  There’s often a trace that’s been protected over the years tucked away there.  You might want to see if you can loosen a few things before you soak them, or maybe the soaking doesn’t matter…others probably have a better opinion of that.

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The manuals have begun to arrive, and I can confirm that the disk is a Model R of the two has the trip clutch.  The Operator's Manual is dated 6-51 and calls itself the 3rd edition.  This date suggests that the model was offered from some time prior to this edition.  Does anyone have any idea what year it might have been introduced?
I haven't had time to investigate colors more thoroughly yet, but the green makes more sense.  Durned if I can get a sense of what might have been red and what might have been green, however.  Some of the parts simply don't show any obvious traces.  A little judicious wire brushing might help (as well as crawling on my back to look at the underside).
I am still waiting on the parts book, but I understand more about how the disk is supposed to work.  It's time to start soaking the various bolts in penetrant.  A couple of the disks are broken, so I need to look to see if/where I can source some. Not planning a restoration so much as a rejuvenation.
If anyone has a need for the operator's Manual and Parts book for a Case Model N disk of the same vintage, let me know.  I don't need the ones I bought.

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