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I seen plenty of trees growing up thru tractors but that one takes the trophy! 

Our ecodiesels can really tow, can’t they?  I’ve been really pleased with mine.   My Bobcat and trailer runs 6000 pounds and I hardly know it’s back there.  And get 15-17 mpg doing it.


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> Wow, that’ll be quite the project indeed!   Good on you for taking it on.   I’ve always had a soft spot for 60s.
> Is the 730 in similar condition?
> Dean Vinson
> Saint Paris, Ohio
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> Month or so back I found another buy 2 for price of 1 deal – this time a JD 60 and a JD 730. Today I got the 60 loaded and pulled it to my toy shed with my EcoDiesel. Loading was a bit of a challenge, especially when rear wheel broke loose when starting up ramp. Other challenge was it was locked up and nothing rotated so it skidded up ramps. Need to re-adjust wheel spacing before I move it any distance, so it will fit between fender wells of my trailer.
> It will need to wait some time before I start working on it. It needs rims, tires,  plus intake manifold and a lot of TLC. Need to finish overhaul on the AC B before I tear another down.
> Dennis
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