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Case plows and other implements use green from the factory. I think it's
lighter than a Hart-Parr but a little darker than an Oliver or JD green as
a ballpark color.

On Sat, Apr 10, 2021 at 2:56 PM STEVE ALLEN <steveallen855 at centurytel.net>

> Gentlemen,
> I will venture to ask about this implement even though it's not a tractor
> because I know how knowledgeable you are in closely related areas.
> Some years back, I acquired a beat-up, old pull-type disk.  I made mention
> of using it last fall, I think.  Anyway, I had never investigated its
> identity too closely until a week or so ago when my son and I were standing
> by it burning some trash.  I'd post a pic, but I cannot seem to get one
> small enough to meet the 1 meg limit.
> It is mostly covered in peeling silver paint--maybe that aluminum roofing
> stuff, but I am not sure.  Under that silver is a coat of green.  There are
> hints that maybe a coat of red lies under the green, but that red could be
> rust.
> Anyway, while we were looking for hints of paint, my son realized that
> there is an eagle-on-a-globe on the clutch box casting--Ah, ha!  That means
> Case!  A little looking around on the web suggests that it is either a
> Model N or a Model R.  I have owners and parts books on the way for both so
> that we can be sure.  The manuals are all dated '51 or so, so I guess that
> is within or near the end of the period it was offered.  I cannot imagine
> this fairly basic and primitive implement being offered much later than
> that date--just from looking at it, I would have guessed '30s or '40s.
> Anyway, I haven't had any success turning up any info other than the
> manuals (and them on eBay).  Does anyone on the list have any experience
> with Case implements of that period?  I know my way around JD pretty well,
> but Case is a different world, and I am not even sure where to ask.
> Would a Case implement have been painted green at any point?  I would have
> thought red--whadda they call it:  Flambeau Red??--but I see only hints of
> possible red while there is clearly a coat of green under the silver.
> The clutch is jammed or something--I hope I can figure that out when I get
> the manuals, but I may be asking questions on that here (surely those
> clutches are pretty much like the ones on plows??).
> Anywho, the list is pretty quiet, so I thought I throw out these questions
> to see if anyone knows anything about old Case disks.
> Hope all are well and that the opening of Spring is finding everyone ready!
> The "original" Steve Allen
> Now also a Case owner (but the JDs all seem willing to play nice.)
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