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Mike M meulenms at gmx.com
Sat Apr 3 20:21:34 PDT 2021

Found  the problem, ripped the whole pipe out with my FEL , and now its
flowing like mad.

On 3/1/2021 5:37 PM, Jim Becker wrote:
> You could try putting a 10 or 12 foot pipe or solid tubing on the end
> of a garden hose.  Cram it in from the downhill end and work it
> around.  It might help to put an elbow on the working end, pointing up.
> Jim Becker
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> I know a lot of you guys are good at coming up with solutions to
> problems, so here's mine. My field is drained through a private drain
> about 12" in diameter 12' in length, it's corrugated PVC, not smooth on
> the inside. Well, Mr Muskrat decided to build a home in that pipe and I
> cannot get far enough into it to clear it all out, got some, but I can
> feel there's more grass in there; plus I just had a heart ablation so
> what used to seem like a minor job causes pain and shortness of breath.
> I need to scrape that pipe clean and then block him from getting into
> it, probably by pounding rebar into the ground about 2" apart. Any
> ideas would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mike M
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